What is Microblading?

Microblading is the latest trend ladies! It’s a new tattoo technique that draws small lines that look like real individual hairs. Microblading is done using a hand-held tool, not with a tattoo machine, to put pigment into the skin. It does not go deep into the skin like a normal tattoo would. Microblading is also semi-permanent; it means with time, it will fade. That’s why customers will have to come back for retouch. But no worry, you won’t be charged the full price. (Please see price list section for details).

A microblading procedure will take about 1 hour. In this, the preparation takes the most time. It is a very important step. We will draw an eyebrow shape that is best for you. Choose the color that goes with your natural brows color. Make sure the eyebrows are symmetrical. And we won’t stop with this process until you are completely satisfied with how you would look. And with your approval, we will begin the process of Microblading. This microblading process itself will not take much time. But we won’t rush. Instead, we will make sure each stroke is perfect. The result will be natural looking, beautiful looking brows.

Microblading is not painful. As a matter of fact, we rarely have any customer who complains about being painful. We do have to put numb cream on before the procedure, so please comes before your appointment 15 minutes.

Microblading is so far the best technique that adds more hairs to your eyebrows; reshape your brows to the perfection. And more importantly, it results in the most natural looking eyebrows. So, please call us at 713-820-8040 for a free consultation or/and appointment. You can see our customers’ before and after pictures in this section or more in gallery section. Also, latest pictures from our facebook at www.facebook.com/tina.cosmetic .You can see our customers’ comments from Yelp as well: https://www.yelp.com/biz/tinas-permanent-makeup-and-eyelash-houston

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