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This page I created for the ones who never had eyebrow tattoo or any kind of permanent makeup done before. About 10 years ago, eyebrow or eyeliners are something dark or blue or dark that last forever on your face. With the techniques that we have today, it only lasts about 5 years but a lot more beautiful and natural.

Most important things about Eyebrows Permanent Makeup:

  • Size: Depends on what the face feature of each customer, no clients are the same.
  • Color: Tina will mix the color that best fit for your skin tone, your hair color, and your race/background.
  • Shape: Tina will draw by pencil first and let you see what it will look like first, and she will begin the work once you completely like it.
  • Race/Personal References: Each customer is unique from one to another because the skin is different, the ethnic background is different, and of course, personal reference is also different; some wants “dramatic” look, some wants natural kinds, some wants thick, some wants thin, some wants dark and some wants light…We will help you achieve the perfect eyebrows that you want.

Fixing Eyebrows:

  • Many clients come in to have their eyebrows fixed. Tina will let you know if the eyebrows can be fixed and how it should be fixed. It depends on how badly it is, it might require 2 to 3 visits. But most customers are happy with the results.


  • Examples Pictures from Real Customers:

Note: If you are traveling to us for eyebrow fixing from out of Houston/state, please send us a picture f your eyebrow through email or text o and schedule several weeks ahead.

Note: All pictures in this website is copyrighted by Tina’s Permanent Makeup & Eyelash. Do not copy or reuse in any occasion. If we found that our pictures have been illegal copied, we will pursue legal actions.

***For Eyeliners and Lips, just like eyebrows, each step will be carefully caring out before the actual work. ***

When choosing a professional to have your service done:

  • Do look for one who listens and understand what you want.
  • Do need to know what her credentials are (certificates, years of experience).
  • Do look at her real customers’ pictures to see her work.
  • Do read her customer’s reviews.
  • Don’t judge her by the prices of the services. High price doesn’t mean that she’s really good, and low price shouldn’t make you question why. But look at the considerations above.

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